Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Trip to Myrtle Lake

The day after getting my new camera, my husband and I traveled to Myrtle Lake, where friends of ours have a summer home. Myrtle lake is about ten miles from the Canadian border.

To get to their lake home we have to drive to a resort on Myrtle Lake and then have our friends come for us in their boat. That is the only way to get to their summer home.

Here we are approaching the dock. Annie, their dog, is waiting to greet us.

Just look at the sky and water. This new digital camera, a Canon, surely does a good job.

My friend, Dorie, meets us as we get off the dock. This is a picture of Dorie and me. I'm in the purple shirt.

Here is Jim, Dorie's husband. He was the one that drove his boat to the resort to pick us up. As you can see, he has been fishing off the dock after helping us unload our stuff from the boat. We had a nice supper of fish.

My New Camera

My husband bought me a new digital camera for my birthday. It takes much better pictures than my old film camera that I just had to start this blog so that I could share my pictures with you.

The first picture that I took was that of some string beans that I had just canned. You can see that the jars are still on the kitchen counter.

Next for canning are tomatoes. I usually can quite a few jars of tomatoes to be used throughout the year until the next harvest time. These are just a few of the tomatoes that I have canned or will be canning.