Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Dick and I decided to take a Spring Break and flew to Jacksonville, Florida, where our youngest son and his wife, Ben & Janelle, live. From there we met my two brothers and their wives and then boarded the cruise ship, Carnival Fascination, and went to Nassau in the Bahama Islands.

Our flight to Jacksonville was non-stop. While in flight, I took this shot of Dick.

We spent a couple of days with Ben and Janelle. Here is a picture of Dick riding Ben's motor scooter.

The four of us decided to eat at a restaurant near where our cruise ship would be docked. Here is Ben & Janelle.

And here is Dick and I.

We said our goodbyes to Ben and Janelle, met up with my brothers and their wives and boarded the cruise ship. This is a picture of Jacksonville taken from the ship. The ship travelled on the St. John River to the Atlantic Ocean, a distance of at most ten miles.

This is Dick and I aboard the ship. We are on deck at the rear of the ship. You can see the Atlantic in the background.

Here are the six of us at the evening meal. What a wonderful experience being with family on a luxury ocean liner.