Monday, September 21, 2009

Our Trip to Atlanta

During the first week in September, Dick and I flew to Atlanta, Georgia, for my niece's wedding. We would also see my brothers and sisters as well as our son Ben and daughter-in-law Janelle.

But first I wanted to show the flowers that Ben and Janelle gave me for Mothers' Day. They were just little plants when I got them and now they are healthy, flowering plants.

While in Atlanta, many of the wedding attendants stayed at the same place. Ben & Janelle, my brother Benton & Marilyn, and Dick & I would gather at Benton's room in the evening to play cards.

The day of the wedding, the six of us went to Stone Mountain. Here we are on a train tour around the mountain.

After the train tour, we played mini-golf.

Being that we were at Stone Mountain, we had to go to the top of the mountain, so we decided to take the cable car to the top. Here is one of the cars returning people from the top. Once these people got off, we got on and rode it to the top.

Ben & Janelle walked towards the edge of the mountain. Here they are. Also, you can see that Stone Mountain is a huge rock.