Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rob and Justin Visit

Rob and Justin came to our Lake Home and spent the night with us. They left the next morning to pick up Kristin and Alyssa at the Minneapolis International Airport.

Rob and Justin sit in the kitchen.

Here is Dick with his son Rob and grandson Justin.

Justin has taught himself the guitar. He played and sang a couple of songs for us.

Thirty-three years ago, Dick put up a split rail fence on our Saint Cloud land. But over the years the wood rotted and so he is in the process of replacing the fence.

Dick realized that I was taking pictures of him and quickly looked up.

Monday, April 13, 2009

My siblings and I get together in the early Spring to "hangout" for part of a week. This year we met at the lake home of my youngest brother's home of his daughter Sharon. The home is on Spring Lake near Huntsville, Alabama. We were together from Monday to Friday.

Here are the five Espey siblings: George, Iva, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Benton.

My two sisters, Iva and Sarah.

My two brothers, Benton and George, discuss the bacon frying. George gives instructions while Benton has George sample some of his bacon.

Here is Sharon on my right and Dick on my left. The lake home belongs to Sharon. Sharon was with us for Monday evening only since she had to be at work for NASA in Huntsville.

George, his wife Chris, and Benton were on the way to the boat and wave runners (jet skies).

One evening, Benton, his wife Marilyn, and I used the hot tub. It was great!

We played board games throughout the week. Here we play Aggravation. The game belonged to my mother who loved the game.

We also traveled around the area. This is an old covered bridge. At times we weren't sure where we were. Thankfully we had a Garmin GPS.

Bev Visits Us in Saint Cloud

A short time ago my sister-in-law, Bev Wolfe, came to my house with her son, Dan, and his wife. Bev was on her way to visit with her sister Barbara in Saint Cloud. The three of them, along with my husband, Dick, had lunch together before they left to visit Barbara.