Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Granddaughter Bitsy's Visit

Our Granddaughter, Bitsy, along with her mother, Laura, and Bitsy's friend, Emily, drove up from Omaha, Nebraska, to spend the New Year holiday with us. They spent two days at our lake home and then we went to our Saint Cloud home Friday morning. Bitsy wanted her Grandpa and Emily to see the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still" with her. On Saturday plans to travel to Minneapolis were canceled due to an approaching snow storm.

Bitsy watches Grandpa perform some "magic" with his laptop computer. Then Bitsy got her computer and the two were able to connect Bitsy's computer to the Internet via the newly installed wireless router.

Laura and Bitsy along with their two dogs watch the DVD movie Signs and then the movie The Village.

At the breakfast table the next morning, Emily watches Bitsy's dog, Hemingway, beg for some food.

Emily, Laura, Bitsy, and I pose for a picture just before we leave for the Saint Cloud home.

Here we all are in the kitchen of our Saint Cloud home playing a German card game of Elferraus.

Here is Emily, Bitsy, and Laura just before leaving on their road trip back to Omaha, Nebraska.